A Brief Kotas Manifesto

      This is the shit!  Having developed in a vacuum, Van Go-Go was not programmed by art school.  Kotas, (aka Van go go) cut his teeth in a humboldt park studio after quitting his job as a consultant for Com-Ed.  Engineering degree in hand, he was afforded the luxury of experimenting with all the materials available.  When buying art supplies he decided that quantity was superior to quality, that throwing was better than brushing and that scraping was physically satisfying.  Many years later, he watches as the art world slowly catches up to him.  He is patient.  For he doesn't want to see the day when his principles are plagiarized (or simply finally figured out) by the myriad artist wannabes.  Kotas is truly an "Uber-Painter" of the highest order.  He compares himself to Guston, Rosenquist, Duchamp, Gerhard Richter and all those who have danced a merry tune. 

6/18/06 Ronald McJagger


Nevermind the Bollocks!!! 

Kotas is the art to buy, to hang on your wall, to look at. 

All Kotas works were created by the award winning pseudo-realistic process. 

This is your guarantee that your choice of painting was conceived in ecstasy and previously ogled by the artist.  

Don't waste your time and eyesight on that pollution which passes for "art."

Buy Kotas today and look for it in the museums tomorrow.

( ...as seen at The Whitney Biennale,  April 2004,  Author Unknown. )

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Influences: Magazine  Gary Numan  Bruce Nauman  Skip Spence Gina d'Lombardo  Brian Ferry David Boxie Iggy Pop Snowy Red  Albert Tosani  Putkey Gallo  Mogan David  Karl Kotas  Jackson Pollock   Jeff DeKooning  Patti Smith  Bleft upper extremity Oyster Cult   Frank Zappa  Yves Tanguy  Max Ernst  The Fems  Johnny Rotten  Neil Young  Eno  P.D.Ouspensky  Warhol  Kraftwerk  DJ Tiesto  JJK  Seymour King Tapeworm  Andras Mohl  Chef Louis Ziggy Marley  Bob Cratchet Sandor Dee  and many others tooo numverous 2 mention....